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Samyama London Retreat


19th & 20th November 2017


Wellbeing From Head-to-Toe

Samyama fitness retreats are all about bringing more balance to your life. A stay with us is an opportunity to re-energise, both physically and mentally, in beautiful locations.

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Our retreats focus on healthy living and from the moment our guests arrive they enjoy a full wellbeing experience, from head to toe, inside and out!

We have designed a flexible program to improve your health and fitness whilst allowing you time to relax and improve your wellbeing. This ethos can be found at all of our retreats, be it at our flagship Carmen Samyama retreat, Healthy Body, Steady Mind or our new Eco-Fit retreat close to the Almeria coastline.

Our friendly team has a wealth of local knowledge and will ensure that you get the most out of your stay. We welcome all levels of fitness and ability, with guests  enjoying up to two classes of yoga or pilates each day taught by our experienced and multilingual teachers.

The morning and early evening classes are followed by a communal breakfast and evening meal, leaving you plenty of free time to relax and recharge your batteries, in your own way, in your own time.

We Do

“Our recipe for
Wellbeing & Healthy Living”

Yoga &

Daily yoga and meditation classes give you the opportunity to unlock the benefits of practice and apply these to your daily life.

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Our yoga and meditation classes will extend your practice and provide the building blocks for you to apply these new skills in everyday life.

We offer a range of yoga styles (iyengar/hatha/ashtanga/kundalini) and our multilingual teachers are experienced practitioners. Our unique ‘wild’ yoga classes bring your practice closure to nature and are delivered off-site in unusual hidden locations.


Fitness should be fun and enjoyable so we offer a range of activities that allow you to improve your physical fitness.

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Pilate’s classes are integral to our fitness program as conditioning core muscles not only improves fitness but is essential to injury avoidance, strengthening and rehabilitation.

On some retreats we also offer specialist fitness sessions as well as specialist sessions at the Olympic High Altitude Training Centre for those training for marathons, triathlons and other endurance events. You can also cycle and trek in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.


Our vegetarian menus are as tasty as they are healthy and will provide your body with the fuel that it needs to energise and rediscover its inner balance.

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Our breakfast and evening meals are as tasty as they are healthy, as we believe that the two are not mutually exclusive. The communal meals are the perfect time to meet and get to know other guests.

You will be surprised at the difference a well-balanced, delicious and shared meal can have on your mind, body and soul.

Activities &

We offer a choice of nurturing alternative therapies and a range of creative and fun activities for you to develop new or existing skills. Activities include Andalusian cookery, artisan bread making, flamenco dance and guitar, Spanish language.


At Samyama Fitness we use activity and learning as tools for improving wellbeing. Our retreat enables you to relax the body and refresh the mind in the most beautiful of surroundings. We aim to help you to explore the benefits that practice and wellbeing can bring to everyday life.

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“The retreat is not meant to be a prison camp: it’s a holiday, and we ensure that it feels like one.”

Samyama Fitness offers something for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced yogi, and we aim to help you to explore the benefits that practice and wellbeing can bring to everyday life. Whether you want to explore new ways of increasing fitness, toning your body or improving your wellbeing our retreat is perfect for you.

We believe that developing new skills and shared interests are as important to personal wellbeing as physical exercise and the food you eat, so guests can also take part in creative activities including:

  • Artisan bread making
  • Traditional Andalusian cookery
  • Flamenco dancing
  • Spanish guitar


Our programs are for all levels of yoga, fitness and interest. We provide just enough structure to your week for you to enjoy the benefits of the retreat whilst ensuring you also have the time and flexibility to pursue your own interests and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

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We start each day with a morning yoga/fitness session followed by a vegetarian buffet breakfast. Guests are then free to spend the day as they choose, exploring or relaxing in the grounds of the villa. You will then return for an early evening yoga session followed by dinner at the villa. One evening is left unscheduled so guests can explore the area at their leisure.

We will work with you every day to ensure that you get the best out of the retreat and return home with more energy, enthusiasm and a renewed zest for life.

“It’s a holiday and we make sure it feels like one”


Samyama is an ancient Sanskrit word for balance. Our philosophy is to provide a serene, welcoming and beautiful environment for you to enhance your wellbeing and help you restore balance within your own life through exercise, nutrition and learning new skills.

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The retreat offers a range of activities from yoga and fitness classes, to massage and alternative therapies alongside a selection of creative classes from artisan bread baking to hiking through the Andalucían mountains or learning to play the flamenco guitar.

At Samyama Fitness we help you to reduce stress, improve your work-life balance and to relax; after all, this is meant to be a holiday.

We will help you stretch deeper, further and longer both spiritually and physically. All we ask is that you greet us with open arms and an open mind; the rest we will discover together.


Samyama Fitness grew out of a personal desire to bring more ‘balance’ into our own lives. After attending several yoga retreats ourselves we realised just how much living and working in a big city can take its toll physically and mentally and how the pace of life left little time for reflection or even true rest.

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For some years now we have looked for something different in a holiday, and have travelled the world on adventure and activity breaks. We realised that we really enjoyed the holidays that mixed activity with rest and relaxation, and where in beautiful settings.

Samyama Fitness is as much about bringing balance to our lives, as it is yours. We hope that you will enjoy the Samyama journey as much as we have, and even if we can’t be there with you we know that Julia, Luca, Reyes & Mikel will look after you.

Team Samyama


Book with us and you will .......

Have Fun

Life is tough and relaxation and rest are an important part of maintaining a healthy life. At Samyama fitness we believe that you can’t be healthy unless you are happy, so expect to have some fun when you stay with us.

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At our retreats we take fun seriously. Samyama Retreats are the perfect place to have a wellbeing break and holiday. Many yoga retreats fail to focus on the holiday element of your stay, but we believe that happiness is as important to your health as exercise and what you eat.

Its only through true rest and relaxation that you will discover how you can bring more balance to your everyday life, so we try to do everything with a smile. 😉

Balance Your Life

Samyama Fitness is all about balance, we started this retreat because we felt that our lives were out of balance. The balance between work, home, eating, drinking, even family and friends, didn’t feel right; so we did something about it.

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We explored how to make lasting changes to our lifestyle, changes that would ultimately bring balance back to our lives. And it worked!

At Samyama Fitness we share our simple philosophies with our guests, and together we will make lasting changes that will improve all aspects of your lives; this is the Samyama way.

Meet Interesting People

One of the great things about running this yoga retreat is the fact that we have met some amazing and interesting people, from all walks of life, experiences and countries. These people have become our friends and have enriched our lives.

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It’s been amazing to watch as the guests developed new friendships during their stay with us. Many of these friendships have out lasted their stay at the retreat, and its wonderful to hear from them from time to time. This has been a magical bonus for us and all of the guests at our retreats.

Increase Wellbeing

People come to us wanting to make changes to their lives. The changes can be literal, they want to be fitter, discover how to eat healthier. Some want to use yoga and meditation as tools to improve balance, understanding and relaxation.

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Whatever you want, however you want to do it, we will help you discover how to improve your life and increase your wellbeing, not just for the week you are with us but for the rest of your life.

By bringing balance back to you life you will naturally improve you health and fitness. Yoga is a great tool for improving general conditioning and fitness. Yoga is for everyone, if you’re injured, old or young everyone can practise yoga.

Our emphasis on balanced eating will help you to improve you health. We don’t believe in eating the wrong type of food; instead we believe in eating a fresh, natural and diverse diet. This is reflected in the food we serve at the retreat, which is so delicious and nutritious it will change the way you eat in your everyday life.


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Check out what guests
say about our retreats.

“I really enjoyed my holiday with Samyama fitness. The location, yoga and food were amazing and I returned home feeling fit, toned and relaxed. This was a holiday that exceeded all my expectations and one that I hope to repeat in the future!”

(Elizabeth, London)

“You couldn’t find a more idyllic setting for the Samyama Fitness retreat. The tranquil villa provides a peaceful retreat at the very foot of the Alhambra Palace but lies in the heart of the beautiful city of Granada with all of its stunning views, culture and entertainment should you wish to venture out.

(Helen, Bath)

“In case I didn’t say it enough while I was with you, for me this was the perfect yoga holiday – great location and villa, lovely people, lots of different types of yoga to try, a wonderful selection of add-on activities and of course the amazing food”

(Alex, London)

“I had never been to a Yoga retreat or really done much yoga before so I was a bit unsure of what to expect of Samyama Fitness but I must say even if I had, my expectations would have been exceeded and more! ”

(Tal, Kent)

“There was a good mix of activities on offer and I think you get the right tone in terms of not having a rigid timetable, I particularly enjoyed the walking tour and the wine tasting. The Lorca room is a good size with plenty of storage room for those who tend to pack the kitchen sink (like me!).”

(Rachel, London)

Prices & availability

See below for 'live' information on our prices & availability

Date Retreat Location Availibility Price  


01 May to 08 May 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
08 May to 15 May 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
15 May to 22 May 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
22 May to 29 May 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
29 May to 05 Jun 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full


05 Jun to 12 Jun 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
12 Jun to 19 Jun 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
19 Jun to 26 Jun 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
26 Jun to 03 Jul 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full


03 Jul to 10 Jul 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
10 Jul to 17 Jul 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
17 Jul to 24 Jul 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
24 Jul to 31 Jul 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
31 Jul to 07 Aug 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full


07 Aug to 14 Aug 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
14 Aug to 21 Aug 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
21 Aug to 28 Aug 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
28 Aug to 04 Sep 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full


04 Sep to 11 Sep 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
11 Sep to 18 Sep 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
18 Sep to 25 Sep 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £869 Full
25 Sep to 02 Oct 2016 Yoga & Wellbeing Granada, Spain Full £1,198 Full


02 Oct to 07 Oct 2016 Samyama by-the-Sea Agua Amarga, Spain Full £695 Full
09 Oct to 14 Oct 2016 Samyama by-the-Sea Agua Amarga, Spain Full £895 Full


19 Nov to 19 Nov 2016 Samyama London Weekender Diorama Arts Studio, London Saturday Ticket £90 Book
19 Nov to 20 Nov 2016 Samyama London Weekender Diorama Arts Studio, London Weekend Ticket £162 Book
20 Nov to 20 Nov 2016 Samyama London Weekender Diorama Arts Studio, London Sunday Ticket £90 Book