Carmen Samyama

Granada, Spain

Carmen Samyama is a stunning traditional Moorish Villa located minutes from Granada’s old town.

Practice yoga in tranquility nestled in the shadow of the Alhambra Palace. Relax in the Moorish gardens or relax by the pool, Carmen is your home for the week.

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As you ascend the winding ancient streets from Plaza Neuva and cross the boundary into the villa it feels as though you have been transported back in time. The villa’s garden is alive with a mix of fruit trees, vines and local flowers and the gently flowing fountains and noises wafting in from El Albayzin provide you with the perfect soundtrack to relax, rebalance and re-energise.

Each morning you will wake up to one of the most spectacular views that Granada has to offer, a view that has hardly changed in over six centuries. Above the villa sit the towers of the Alhambra Palace and as the sun rises, warming the morning air, the sunlight reaches the opposing hillside, flickering over the entrances to the ancient caves of Sacromonte. As you begin to make out the old city wall above the caves your attention is drawn by the sounds of the El Albayzin waking up directly in front of you. The view is amazing and as you take in the array of old churches, plazas, and ancient buildings and cobbled paths it is clear why UNESCO made this a world heritage site.

Gazing over El Albayzin, seconds quickly turn to minutes, and minutes to hours. Below the villa sits the Darro River which splits the hill of El Albayzin from the hill of the Alhambra Palace. Further to your left you can see the chequered pavement of Plaza Nueva, where Granada’s new town begins and where the city comes alive in a totally different way. Beyond the city limits the landscape flattens allowing you to see almost 100 km down to the hills and mountains guarding Granada from the Mediterranean.

This is your view and as you descend the stairs to start your morning yoga class you will breathe in the warm fresh air. Remember also that by sunset the evening views will again take on a wonderful whole new perspective for your senses to enjoy.


“If you visit just one city in Spain, this should be Granada.”

Ernest Hemmingway

One of Europe’s most exciting cities Granada it is magical place to enjoy a week long retreat.

Traditional, tranquil and bustling with culture Granada has something for everyone. We know you will fall in love with Granada just as we did

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Andalusia was named by its Moorish conquerors in the 12th century and where better to take a wellbeing break than the Land (Anda) of the Sun (Lusia). Granada is a stunning city with a fascinating history which is in evidence almost everywhere you go. From world heritage sites and gypsy caves to Arabic baths, cathedrals and mosques, Granada is a city that everyone should visit at least once.

Granada is the cultural capital of the region and the city has maintained its traditional Spanish feel and culture, mixed with an authentic and lively bar and music scene. Here you will enjoy one of the few places in Spain to still maintain the ‘free tapas’ tradition in its bars.

If you are travelling as a couple, in a group or alone, Granada is the perfect city and we know you will fall in love with Granada just as we did.


Beautiful rooms in the most traditional of properties.

A simply stunning Carmen (Villa) with comfortable rooms, large communal areas, ample gardens and a pool.

Its a touch of traditional luxury and the perfect place to spend a week even without the yoga.

Things to do

A selection of acitvities available at this venue.

Albayzín Walking Tour

Explore the ancient El Albayzin (old town)

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Stroll around El Albayzín with our local guide. The stunning walk is the best way to get to know the area. Led by our resident guide you will make it to Mirrador san Nicolas for spectacular sunset view of Alhambra and Carmen Samyama – Book at Carmen

Hanging Bridges Walk

Walk through the impressive Los Cahorros Gorge

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The impressive Los Cahorros Gorge is situated 2 kilometers from the sleepy carmenge on Monachil, approximately 10 kilometres from Granada. Until recently, the gorge was only really known by rock climbers as its steep limestone cliffs offer plenty of challenging routes for climbers.

The guided trek with our guide will take you through a particularly beautiful walk alongside the Rio Monachil-Monachil river, offering unbeatable views, waterfalls, rock pools for paddling or swimming, walking alongside acequias (small canals) that date back to Moorish times and, of course, the famous hanging bridges.

The hike takes you through some spectacular Andalucían countryside. The lush valley is home to numerous fruit trees (apple, cherry, pomegranate), wild flowers and herbs (lavender, thyme, rosemary), all interspaced with almond and olive trees.

The Monachil river has its source in La Velata – one of Spain’s highest mountains. The water is clean and cold. Very cold. A kind of cold that is only really welcome on a hot summer’s day.

Despite the hanging bridges appearing daunting at first glance – the longest is 55m long and is suspended a good 15m off the river – the bridges are regularly used and checked for safety. They do move and sway a bit while crossing, but it just adds to the fun.

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Note: The trek is to a moderate extent physically challenging (mainly due to the heat) and is not recommended for those with vertigo. You will need comfortable and grippy shoes (ideally trainers), a small backpack (provided) and plenty of water.

Private Yoga

One to One yoga lesson

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Want to deepen your practice, explore a new element of yoga, or work on a particular posture?

Our private yoga classes are perfect.

Book at Carmen


Thai Yoga Massage

2hr Thai Yoga Massage

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Treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating 2 hour Thai Yoga Massage. For those of you who have not had one, then you have to try it.

This is one of the most popular therapies on our retreat and spots are booked up very quickly so we suggest ordering in advance.

Book at Carmen

Language Course

2 lessons of practical Spanish, 5 days a week.

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Learn Spanish the fun way with professional teachers! Practical daily tuition aimed to get you speaking Spanish quickly!

Immersing yourself in a language is the best way to learn it. Our course is run in partnership with a local school just a short walk from the villa & takes advantage of the fact that you are already in Spain and through a creative, practical and interactive program our teachers will help you to make the most of your time in Spain and improve your language skills. We need 4 weeks notice to book this

Course runs Monday through Friday

Prices & availability

We can offer 4 or 5 and 9 or 10 Night Retreats

Date Retreat Location Price  

October 2019

14 Oct to 19 Oct Samyama by-the-Sea Agua Amarga, Spain £750 Book

Getting There and Away

Granada has its own Airport with easyJet flights direct from London Gatwick

Or you can fly to Malaga Airport, which offers cheap flights from most of the UKs major airports

By Plane

Fly direct to Granada Airport (25min transfer) from London Gatwick with easyJet

Fly direct to Malaga Airport (1hr 30min transfer) from all major UK airports on many budget carriers


For hassle free Transfers contact us and we'll arrange the most suitable option for you

Granada airport, we offer a private or shared taxi service

Malaga airport, we've created an easy guide to the regular coach service to Granada

By Car

Granada is an ancient town and not particularly car friendly. Once here there is no need for a car as everything is within easy walk the Carmen

By Train

Granada train station is a 20 minute walk from the Carmen and its possible to take a train to Granada from most major Spanish cities